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Gazmin MediPharma

What we do

GazMin International had envisioned the growth in size and diversification within project management & finance consultancy and have decided to focus on healthcare as GazMin MediPharma which is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Quality of products and services are the principal foundation of our growth and expansion.

GazMin MediPharma’ s innovative business model and efficient commercialization reach is built by successful and respected industry leaders with strong local and international track records. In addition, the GazMin MediPharma  team has competencies in areas of Distribution, Healthcare, Logistics, and commercial capabilities acquired through years of experience in multinational Trade. The team is also well-connected to a wide range of clients and good relation in Government sectors and offers a flexible approach to trade within and outside the country. This integrated and unique strategy of regional expertise coupled with strong international network, position GazMin MediPharma as the regional partner-of-choice for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other healthcare companies.

We care about providing consistently the highest quality products and always with the best and the most innovation operational effectiveness, the best service and the best follow up. We care about implementing a fair and high standard code of ethics in all our dealings. We believe that by building true partnership and working in synergy with our suppliers, distributors, customers, patients, that we can develop best practices. GazMin MediPharma  has medical products ranging from Hospital Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Anesthesia & Respiratory Products, Suction Machines, Protective Clothing & Wares, Infusion Care, Surgical Products & Instruments, Nursing consumables, Laboratory Consumables, Sterilization & Disinfection Products, Wound Care Products, Emergency & First Aid Products, Hospital Hardware Equipment and much more. Through our network of manufacturers, we sell to distributors / wholesalers, health departments, health ministries, hospitals and retailers in various countries around the world. We have a vast experience and expertise to reduce the total cost of healthcare and to improve the lives of patients.


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