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Types of Face Masks

Cloth Face Mask

This is a standard facemask for everyday use. In the midst of COVID-19, it is also the type of
face mask that is recommended for the public to use. This sort of facemask may be used when
going to the grocery store, petrol station, or any other public locations as it is made of Multiple
layers of fabric that forma a barrier between your nose and mouth and the outside, thus helping
in containing the respiratory droplets that you may breathe out. The thicker the mask is, the
greater the barrier is formed from spreading the droplets you breathe out.

Surgical Face Mask

This is an FDA-approved surgical mask composed of a thin, disposable material made of a combination of paper and plastics for a single use. It is primarily used by medical professionals working as frontline workers to combat and treat COVID-19 patients, or any patients for that matter.

Surgical masks purpose is to protect against the person wearing it or others in the surrounding from large respiratory droplets but not against smaller droplets. If you are a carrier of the virus, they can help safeguard those around you. While these masks are excellent for one-time use, they do have a few drawbacks, including the fact that they cannot be washed or reused like cloth masks.

N95 Respirator or Professional Grade Medical Mask

The general public does not wear N95 Respirators. This sort of facemask is essential for health care personnel and medical first responders who come into direct contact with patients since it is intended to be precisely sized to create a tight seal between the air outside and the face. As a result, they’re made to safeguard healthcare personnel from virus or bacteria-carrying droplets in the air.

When fitted properly, respirators are quite effective. Healthcare professionals who wear N95 masks are subjected to a detailed fit test to ensure that the mask provides a complete seal, a service that is currently unavailable to the general public.

KN95 Respirator

N95 masks and KN95 masks are very similar. Both capture roughly 95% of the air’s small particles. The most significant distinction is that N95 masks can catch bigger particles.

Full Length Face Shield

Face shields are clear plastic sheets that hang from a headband and protect the face from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin. They were often worn by health care personnel doing operations that were prone to body fluid spatter before to the pandemic. Dental hygienists, for example, frequently use face shields.
When working in close proximity with others, face shields can be used to add an added layer of protection. They do not, however, provide the same level of protection as a mask since they do not act as a barrier to respiratory droplets that might accumulate beneath them.


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